When you see me drift astray.

And if you do me right, I'm gonna do right by you
And if you keep it tight, I'm gonna confide in you.

Ps. Och den här videon. Alltså.

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Dominika sa...

hello! years ago (or it feels like years ago) i found this picture http://froststick.deviantart.com/art/Wings-61942444 and I thought it's so beautiful and saved it in my computer. I found it few weeks ago and I think these birds are really beautiful and would be perfect for a tattoo (i'm thinking about them flying around my wrist - for now there's only one lonely swallow there). I went to deviantart and from the link i came here. So my question is - are you the author of them or if not - do you know who is? I'd love to see it in a bigger/original version, for now it's so small i can't really see the details to draw them to use as a tattoo desing.
My email is ckuf@o2.pl so if you can help me, please write a message:)
ps. of course if it's ypur drawing i'll ask for permission too, just i haven't found it in your works on your blog or deviantart :)

Anna sa...

Dominka - Hello. :) Oh, the picture comes from a very old book which is my mum's. I'm afraid I haven't got it. But I know you can find similar pictures in old books of bird-species. I would love to help you but I haven't got the book.

Best of luck!